Hi, I’m rowan and these are my scribblings on the net, from the back paddock.

Eee » USB » 027 » repeater » CBD » DNS » server » HTTP … it’s just poetry in motion and I’m in love with it.

Currently I work as a tech at DIA. This blog is part of my own piece of the web though, and nothing you find here can be blamed on anyone who might employ me, pay me for my services or be paid for theirs, expect me to vote for them, or sit next to me on the train – only me, OK?

I write about stuff that interests me. Which is generally around the internet and some geeky stuff but sometimes up in space, sometimes turns to photography, and sometimes branches off into random wierdity.

Accordingly, the blog ships without warranty so read it at your peril. The banner image was taken just south of Tora, on the southeast coast of the so-photogenic Wairarapa. [Google maps | KML].

And I have heaps of carbon credits if anyone wants to buy some.


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