Posted by: Rowan | April 19, 2009

Who’d have thought it…

As both an RSA member (ex-president-of-Vice, in fact) and an online sort I’ve always been quite interested in what RNZRSA – the headquarters – does online. And so far it’s been a rather good web site built by Shift a few years back. (HQ might have had something to do with a couple of sites around the Vietnam commemorations as well, I don’t know, but I think that’s been about it).

The site does the job. It presents RNZRSA very professionally and if you’re travelling the “Find an RSA” lookup is clunky but it sort of works. It’s a good web site, but still just a web site.

So I was really impressed when I saw the online poppy field and Wall of Remembrance released last week. So were lots of other people, apparently, if the messages and donations so far are anything to go by.

I’m not going to waffle about it other than to say what a slick job online by RNZRSA. Nice one, Stephen.

So with Anzac Day just round the corner, now’s a perfect time to spare a moment and go and have a look for yourself … here it is. And it’s certainly worth a donation.

[And btw, it looks like it’s built on a Silverstripe platform so hopefully they might’ve put it together fairly cheaply. These guys are onto it…]


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