Posted by: Rowan | March 11, 2009

Sauvignon or chardonnay?

Every now and then, something opens your eyes, so to speak.

Now that Jonathan Mosen is back in Wellington we took the chance yesterday to catch up and shoot the breeze.

Jonathan’s got this annoying habit of flooring me with his use of technology. He does it every time we meet. I should have known he was going to do it to me again.

And sure enough, after free and frank discussions about the web and accessibility and Flash and Facebook and working for [insert variable] and ARIA and RSS feeds and what we’ve been up to and good ol’ DOS and accessible appliances and people hooking their washing machines up to Twitter etc … he pounced.

He’s got this neat piece of software loaded onto his phone, he told me. It does an OCR scan of the photos he takes with it, and reads out the words it finds in them. Ergo, he can pull two bottles of vino out of his fridge, photograph the labels, and find out which one’s the sauvignon and which one’s the chardonnay.


I wish I knew how to do that. It would save me the time I spend back-tracking to find where I left my glasses.



  1. You could just open them both and taste em?

    No, actually, that’s pretty cool :)

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