Posted by: Rowan | April 27, 2008

Fender-benders on the intergalactic highway

NASA just released a collection of 59 photos from the Hubble Space Telescope to celebrate its 18th birthday in orbit. It’s a very cool collection of galactic collisions. Some of them are relative fender-benders and some are catastrophic head-ons with one or both parties being written off, and few survivors. I think the galactic tow-truck must have to come and take the wreckage away.

I bet this one had no survivors. I couldn’t help but wonder how much fist-shaking and abuse-hurling there must be from the citizens of the respective galaxies, as they go ricocheting past each other. Having experienced something like this driving in a couple of the bigger cities in the world (and returned the favour, I might add) I’m glad I’m watching these guys from a distance. Check out the best of them…


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